Creature Machine

Creature Machine is:

Ralna Ramse - Guitar, Vocals

Rikk Desgres - Bass, Vocals

Vinny Falkowski - Drums, Backing Vocals

Creature Machine’s origins began with guitarist/vocalist Ralna Ramse (Origin of Insertion, Mollycoddle, Another Dimension, Bearded Witches.) After spending several years in CA, relocated to the Northeast with the intention of connection with area musicians to write and perform with. Her advertisement for musicians caught the eye of drummer Jay Barnes (Q, Collapse Into Reason) and bassist Rikk Desgres (Hydroelectric, Donut Kings.)


This lineup released two EPs in 2014, each playing homage to the vacuum tubed past, but with both feet moving toward the future. After recording tracks for their yet to be released full length album Barns left the group.


Enter Vinny Falkowski (Roadhorse, Bomber, Sick Things to name just a few) who in the spring of 2016 took over on drums.


The new 2016 Creature Machine lineup is exciting and even heavier and thicker than before. Their music is unique, fun, tight, moody, and catches the attention of anyone who enjoys original, creative, modern rock n roll with and old school twist. Creature Machine’s new full-length album is just about finished and they look forward to a release in the fall of 2016.